Acquisition Strategy

Pure Multi's core strategy is to invest in quality multi-family real estate properties in major markets in the United States. We believe that superior returns can be achieved by targeting such properties because of the stable income provided by the multi-family property market in the United States, the abundant supply of such properties at attractive price levels, and the emerging recovery of the U.S. economy.

Pure Multi believes that the opportunity exists to acquire multi-family properties at attractive prices with in-place rental rates which were reduced during the recent economic downturn, providing the potential for strong growth in rental rates. We acquire properties in clusters and choose asset sizes which will ensure regional economies of scale and geographic diversification in our portfolio.

Acquisitions are in the $10 to $60 million range per property. Pure Multi focuses on acquiring multi-family properties which were constructed or refurbished in 1990 or later and which are located in markets with strong employment growth, which have exhibited ongoing strong occupancy, which complement the initial portfolio and which have the potential to create additional value. We look to acquire properties that are in good to superior physical condition with little to no deferred maintenance.


For property acquisition queries please contact Steve Evans, CEO at