Income Tax Information

Canadian Tax

The T5013 tax slips for Pure Multi-Family are being issued by the participating brokerage firms.  The deadline for mailing these slips is March 31st of each year.

If units are held in a registered account, no tax slips will be issued.

To obtain copies of your tax slips, please contact your financial advisor.

Please contact your financial advisor for tax information specific to you.

The following tables are for information purposes only.

Year Return of Capital Interest
(Cdn Sources)
Foreign Dividend + Interest Capital Gain CDS Sheet Taxable Income Information Per Distribution
2017 67.11% 0.19% 30.57% 2.13% 2017 CDS FILE 2017






Tax Breakdown of Distributions 2014
Return of Capital* 23.48% 31.56% 48.22% 67.11%
Interest (Cdn sources)* 0.02% 0.02% 0.07% 0.19%
Foreign dividend + interest* 75.08% 63.69% 46.75% 30.57%
Capital gain 1.42% 4.73% 4.96% 2.13%

* As required under relevant tax rules, U.S. withholding tax was remitted for taxable unitholders to the Internal Revenue Service in the United States based on management’s estimates (and at withholding tax rates determined in part by the nature and status of unitholders, as indicated to Pure Multi-Family REIT LP by the unitholders' agents).  The actual breakdown between return of capital and dividend income for U.S. and Canadian tax purposes will be determined and posted once year-end tax information becomes available.

How do I claim my U.S. foreign tax credit?  (21 KB, PDF)

Please note* U.S. tax withheld, if any, in respect of each unitholder will be reported on monthly/annual statements or Form 1042-S (Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding) to be received by the unitholders from their respective brokers.


U.S. Tax

If you were a U.S. Resident owner of Pure Multi-Family REIT LP units at any time during 2017, you will receive a 2017 K-1 Tax Package.

Questions about your Pure Multi-Family REIT LP, 2017 K-1 Tax Package, can be directed as follows:

Phone: 267-256-5882

Please refer to the below pdf's for information on relevant U.S. income tax slips for the 2017 tax year:

U.S. Resident Tax Package Information

2017 Schedule K1 (Form 1065)

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